Puntland Leader discusses upcoming elections with EU delegation .

1 (1)untland President met with an EU delegation led by EU Ambassador to Somalia in Garowe, the administrative capital of Puntland.

President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole met with EU Ambassador to Somalia Michael Cervone who led dignitaries from the United Kingdom and Norway including an EU democratization steering committee.

After meeting at the presidential palace President Farole and Ambassador Cervone gave a statement to press discussing their meeting on Tuesday.

Ambassador Cervone thanked the Puntland government for welcoming him and the delegation and assured that the EU would support the democratization process in Puntland.

“We discussed the ongoing democratization process in Puntland and how free and fair elections would occur in Puntland,” said President Farole.

President Farole added that he and the ambassador discussed the Puntland people’s view on the political process, security of the upcoming elections and voters’ rights.

Finally Puntland President said that he appreciated the EU delegation’s visit to Puntland and that it was a successful meeting and hoped for more productive meetings in the future.

Puntland district elections are set to take place in May. Six political associations are registered in Puntland and have already began their election campaigns in many districts across Puntland.